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Immigration - Work Permit in Paraguay

As a foreigner, if you are looking to work in Paraguay, you will need a work permit. Whether you are planning on working as a contractor or as a permanent employee, you have to be officially permitted to work by the immigration authorities. There are some situations in which you may not need one, however, and the most common ones are related to your spouse. If your husband or wife has a work visa or permit for Paraguay, or if they are a citizen, you may not need a permit to work. There is also the possibility of exchange schemes which make it easier to gain permission to work in Paraguay. If there is a shortage of your specific set of skills in Paraguay, you may be eligible for special classes of visa designed to address the country’s needs.

The ordinary process for obtaining a work permit requires you to already have a job offer. Your prospective employer can “sponsor” you for the projected length of your contract and you use this sponsorship to obtain a work permit to cover those dates. They make the application for a work permit in Paraguay and you have to supply supporting documentation like your CV, copies of your educational achievements and proof of your work history. It’s easier in some situations, such as if you’re a national of a neighbouring country or if you have higher earnings than most workers.

The Paraguayan work permit system is set up for permanent employees, so it’s considerably easier for them to get one. As a contractor, you have some extra things to consider. Each time your contract expires you basically need to get an entirely new work permit with your new employer as a sponsor. The permit is tied to the length of your contract with the employer that sponsored you, and it’s also limited to a specific employer. To save yourself time, you should consider using a contractor management company (or “umbrella” company) in Paraguay. They process payments for you, handle your taxes and can sponsor you for your permit, while allowing you to continue functioning as a contractor.





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